Exertion while walking, running and playing makes us feel tired and less energetic. This is mainly due to loss of energy and sweat.

Sweat contains a mix of water and electrolytes (salts) such as sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium and chloride. Unfortunately by drinking water alone we do not replace salts and energy but only decrease our sensation of thirst while stimulating urine production.

Drinking a well-balanced mix of water, glucose, sucrose and salts enable us to replace sweat and restore energy. By drinking EnerzaL, a balanced energy drink, we facilitate rehydration by restoring water, energy and salts.


EnerzaL offers glucose that provides instant energy and sucrose that provides sustained energy.


EnerzaL replaces vital body salts whose functions are as follows:

  • Sodium maintains electrolyte balance & quenches thirst
  • Potassium prevents muscle cramps
  • Calcium builds bone strength
  • Magnesium maintains normal nerve and muscle functions
  • Chloride maintains water balance


EnerzaL with an osmolarity of 330 mOsmol per-litre is close to that of blood (300 mOsmol per-litre) - ISOTONIC. This helps in faster rehydration when compared to that offered by several other energy and sports drinks.


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