How do I choose the best Energy Drink for me?

Choose a drink that has 5-8% carbohydrates or 50-80 calories with 120-170 mg of electrolytes like sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, chloride etc. One should make sure that the drink is isotonic i.e. easily absorbed by the body and does not contain caffeine, preservatives and artificial sweetener.

How is Enerzal better than other available sports drinks?

The available sports drink in the market contains only sucrose and sodium. Enerzal contains the right balance of carbohydrates i.e. 7% of glucose & sucrose which gives instant and sustained energy. Enerzal in addition to sodium has potassium, calcium, magnesium and chloride. These salts help in better hydration, recovery, prevent muscle cramps and fatigue.

How is Enerzal better than Glucose powder?

Glucose powder contains high sugar content which does not help in hydration. Regular consumption may also lead to weight gain & dental problems. Glucose powder does not replace the electrolytes lost during day-to-day activities.

Enerzal contains the right balance of carbohydrates (7% of glucose & sucrose) and salts such as sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium and chloride. Thus Enerzal offers complete hydration by replenishing the carbohydrates and salts lost by the body during day-to-day activities.

How is Enerzal better than aerated drinks, juices etc?

Soft/ Aerated Drinks and juices contain sucrose, preservatives, artificial colour and sweeteners. The high sugar and other contents in these drinks can lead to weight gain & dental problems.

Enerzal contains the right balance of carbohydrates and salts. Enerzal does not contain artificial sweeteners and preservatives. Enerzal is a healthy option to quench your thirst.

Does it matter what kind of carbohydrates the Energy Drink contains?

Yes, glucose and sucrose have been found to improve performance. Glucose provides you immediate energy and sucrose provides you sustained energy.

Is Enerzal safe for people with Diabetes?

Enerzal may be used by people having diabetes since during any physical activity or sport, the person loses energy and it is important to replenish that loss. A person with diabetes could suffer from post-exercise hypoglycaemia, thus Enerzal would also help to prevent episodes of post-exercise hypoglycaemia. If a diabetic person is consuming Enerzal, then he should maintain a low sugar diet on that day.

When should Enerzal be used?

Before Activity

Enerzal should be used by individuals/ children/ athletes, before the beginning of an activity or exercise or sport to fuel their energy and electrolyte (salt) requirements. Electrolytes in the drink will help in maintaining the normal functioning of nerves and muscles. It is advisable to consume Enerzal 20-30 minutes before exercise.

During Activity

Energy and electrolytes lost during any activity are replaced by consuming Enerzal.The balanced formula of Enerzal will help the individuals/ children/ athletes to work longer and perform better.

Post Activity or Recovery

Enerzal assists in meeting the individuals/ children/ athletes recovery goals by replacing the electrolytes lost in sweat and also refuelling their energy. Electrolytes like potassium, magnesium and calcium play a major role in the recovery process as they help in the muscle repair after exercise.

Exposure to Heat

Individuals engaged in day-today activities in the sun, should drink Enerzal as they provide the body sufficient electrolytes & energy to avoid fatigue and dehydration.

Common Misconceptions about Enerzal

1. Enerzal is high in salt

The sodium in Enerzal plays a valuable role in improving fluid absorption and the desire to drink water. Sodium also plays a role in replacing the large salt losses that can occur during sport and day-today activities. Enerzal has sodium content similar to foods such as milk, bread and breakfast cereals.

2. Enerzal is high in sugar

Enerzal contains the right balance of carbohydrates which is 7% of glucose & sucrose which gives instant and sustained energy.

3. Enerzal is not suitable for children

Children have a poor voluntary fluid intake during their play or study activities and therefore are at a greater risk of dehydration. Enerzal improves voluntary fluid intake in children during activities. The energy and body salts lost during day-to-day activities are replaced by consuming Enerzal which contains the right balance of carbohydrates and electrolytes.

What quantity of Enerzal should be consumed according to the type of activity or sport?

Type of activity or sport Duration Quantity of Enerzal to be consumed Comments
Day-to-Day activities
(walking, travelling, jogging, gym etc)
<45 min 200ml Consume Enerzal 20 minutes before beginning of activity
Endurance Exercise
(running, tennis , cycling etc)
45-75 min 200ml Consume Enerzal 20 minutes before beginning of exercise/ activity
Medium Endurance exercise including “stop and start” sports
(Hockey, football, relay run etc)
1-2.5 h 500ml- 750ml Enerzal 200 ml to be consumed prior and remaining 300 ml during the event/ exercise and 200ml post the event/ activity
Ultra-endurance events
( marathon, cricket etc)
>2.5 -3 h 750ml-1000ml Enerzal 200ml to be consumed prior to the event, 600ml during and 200ml after the event

Adapted from Guidelines for carbohydrate intake during sporting activities (taken from Burke et al. 2010)

What happens if you consume large amount of Enerzal?

Enerzal is safe for all age groups. If one consumes large amounts of Enerzal, the quantities of carbohydrates and salts consumed are as follows:

Enerzal Composition Enerzal
(1 ttpk)
(4 ttpk)
(10 ttpk)
RDA Hi/Lo Comments
Calories 58 232 580 1200-2200 Lo* Though our daily calorie would vary from 1200 to 2200. Sipping 580 calories daily through a drink in a day is a little high as well as the satiety factor is compromised.
Sugar (carbs) 14.54 gm 58.16 gm 145.4 gm 150 - 350 Lo* If 145.4 gm of carbs is consumed a day it is substantial amount of the entire carb requirement so the rest of the diet should be carb restricted diet.
Sodium 142 mg 568 mg 1420 mg 2300 mg Lo* Sodium in the diet need to be controlled if the person is getting 1420mg from a drink.
Potassium 37 mg 148 mg 370 mg 4700 mg Lo  
Calcium 3 mg 12 mg 30 mg 1000 mg Lo  
Magnesium 5 mg 20 mg 50 mg 420 mg Lo  
Chloride 90 mg 360 mg 900 mg 2500 mg Lo