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About Us

Enriching lives through innovative healthcare

Established in 1936, FDC explores and provides path-breaking healthcare solutions, integrated with modern technology, empowering millions globally with a healthier life.

Achieving valuable accreditations from The United States Food and Drug Administration (US-FDA), UK-MHRA, MCC-RSA, and the UAE amongst many others, the organization is a forerunner in manufacturing and marketing of Oral Rehydration Salts (ORS) and Ophthalmics. Further expanding its horizon, FDC has also set-up globally approved, multi-location manufacturing facilities for Active Pharmaceuticals Ingredients (APIs) and Finished Dosage Forms.

Going forward, we aspire to continue revolutionizing the healthcare space and developing innovative solutions to enrich lives and build a healthier world.

Our Founder


Anand Chandavarkar

A young visionary & an enthusiastic personality, Mr. Anand Chandavarkar, in the backdrop of India's independence struggle, dreamed of building a world class pharmaceutical company with the focus of integrating technology with affordability for millions of people to gain access to basic treatment modalities. FDC limited a leading healthcare company came into existence in 1936, as a private limited company known as Fair Deal Corporation (Private) Limited and in 1986 its name was changed to FDC Limited as known today.

History of ORS & Birth of Enerzal

In 1964 scientists working at the Cholera Research Laboratory, Dhaka, and the Infectious Diseases Hospital, Calcutta, contributed to the development of modern oral rehydration salt (ORS) solution. It was observed that glucose enhances the absorption of sodium and water across the intestinal brush-border membrane. The World Health Organization in 1978 launched the global diarrheal diseases control program with ORS at its heart and the short-term objective of reducing mortality due to diarrhoea. Thereafter scientist started their work on enhancing the safety, efficacy & simplicity of ORS.

However this knowledge of electrolyte based Oral rehydration drink today has many different variants to address the fluid/electrolyte loss occurring in other than diarrhoeal condition during fever, exercise, travelling & staying in humid weather, sweat loss during play and at work etc. It was also observed that there are 2 major reasons incentivizing the individual to increase the intake for more Oral Rehydration Salts. 1. Taste & 2. Osmosis is a process by which water will flow from source to the dehydrated cell. Based on this study FDC limited developed a balanced Energy & Electrolyte drink “Enerzal” which you have it today!

Our journey/ Flashback

In the backdrop of India’s struggle for Independence, Anand Chandavarkar, a young visionary, aspired to build a world-class company. His vision of freedom was to create and to industrialize, in order to make the nation self-reliant in healthcare. His dream led to formation of a partnership firm which later evolved into FDC.

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