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Stay Hydrated

Hydration refers to the process of providing adequate amount of fluids to the body to enable its tissues to function normally.

Most of your body’s fluid needs are met through the water and beverages you drink. Some fluids are also absorbed by your body through the food you intake.

Hydration is vital to good health and the fluid needs to keep one sufficiently hydrated vary by individual.

How to stay hydrated?

  • Carry a water bottle for easy access to fluid when you are at work or exercising.
  • While exercising, drink at least 1 litre of fluid (water + salts) for every kilogram of weight lost.
  • Drink fluids having the right balance of salts* and carbohydrates**.
  • Drink fluids which would facilitate absorption and retention of nutrients by the body.
  • Do not have aerated drinks, caffeinated beverages and other sugary drinks as they contribute to dehydration.

*Salts: Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, Chloride **Carbohydrates: Glucose, Sucrose

Signs of dehydration

Feeling thirsty & lightheaded

Dry mouth


Dark coloured strong-smelli urine

Urinating less often than us

How much is enough?